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Mir-X Diabetes Remedy is a most  affective medicine for the treatment of Diabetes. It is formulated by M/s Miric Biotech Limited, a well known company of Ayurvedic Medicines in India.  As this medicine is made of 100% pure Herbs, it is purely an Ayurvedic medicine.   Mir-X Diabetes  Remedy is very useful, especially for those patients suffering from Diabetes and its related problems.  It not only reduces the chances of developing Diabetes at initial stage, but  also eradicates all  its related problems from the root.

What is Diabetes?.
Diabetes is a chronic and some  times fatal disease, often referred to by Doctors as Diabetes mellitus, describes a Group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose(Blood Sugar

Types of diabetes :- There are three types of Diabetes:        
       Type 1 Diabetes  :- Type 1 diabetes occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks and kills the beta cells of the pancreas.
       Type 2 diabetes :- Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body can’t properly use the insulin that is released  or does not make enough insulin.

Gestational diabetes :- A third type of diabetes, gestational diabetes, is a temporary condition that occurs during pregnancy.

Complications of diabetes?

Going to toilet a lot, especially at night, Being really thirsty, High level of Glucose.
Symptoms: The common symptoms of diabetes are as given here under:
People in diabetes have high blood glucose, also called high blood sugar or hyperglycemia. Diabetes develop when the body doesn’t make enough insulin or is not able to use insulin effectively,

Causes of diabetes :  Diabetes is a complex group of diseases with a variety of causes. Scientists believe genes and environmental factors interact to cause diabetes in most cases.
Having high blood sugar can cause diabetes-related complications, like chronic kidney disease, foot problems, non-traumatic lower limb, amputation, eye disease etc.

Capsule :
Each Capsules contains
Sudh Shilajeet (Asphaltum Punjabinum) 10mg
Madhuriashini (Gymnema Sylvestre) 40mg
Jamun (Eugina Jambolana) 40mg
Karela (Momordica Charanta) 40mg
Neem (Azadirechta Indica) 40mg
Methi (Trigonella Foenumgraecum) 40mg
Saptrangi (Casearie Esculenta) 40mg
Bilva Patra (Aegle Marmelos) 40mg
Somvalli (Cocculus Cordifolius) 40mg
Vimbaja (Cephalandra Indica) 40mg
Karanj Beej (Pongamia Glabra) 40mg
Avtarini (Helicteris Isora) 40mg
Powder :
Each 3gm of Powder Contains
Neem (Azadirectita Indica) 600mg
Karela (Momardica Choranta) 600mg
Jamun(Eugina Jambolana) 600mg
Triphla 1200mg

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Remedy Of Diabetes

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